How to Change your Screensaver Windows 7

Ample blaze how to change screensaver on windows 7

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1. Right Click on Desktop Background
2. Left Click Personalize

3. Left Click on Screen Saver

4. The next window that will appear is Screen Saver Settings

5. Left Click on the arrow pointing down
6. Choose from one of the screen savers listed

7. Once you have chosen the screen saver you can click on Preview to Demo
the screensaver on your computer.
8. Also under the list of screen savers, you will see the word Wait with a box with
two (2) arrows Left Click on upwards arrow to increase the mins you want
the computer to wait while sitting idle before enabling the screensaver
9. Once you have completed these steps you can Left Click either Apply and
then OK or just Left Click OK
10.The End

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