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Kaspersky Internet Security 2016: Error Updating Klava

Hello Blazers I know its been ages however it’s time for our next update.

Last week I came across a problem that I encountered with my own Kaspersky Internet Security.

The issue was that the program was not updating to the latest definitions for the anti virus database.

It keep stating could not update all components and then when I would dig deeper it talked about “Error Updating Component KLAVA” Whatever that meant???

This started me on a search for a solution.

I tried many things such as:

Running the Update again

Googling to find a solution

Downloading a stand alone Kaspersky Update tool

Uncle YouTube Video’s

Changing Registry Editor

That last one I did not go through with as many of you know if you adjust your registry you may cause more problems than you started with….

After thinking about it some more I remembered that recently the Kaspersky Internet Security did a bulk update of definitions and program components however all went through normally and I did not think twice about it.

I said how about doing what I say to everyone that calls me when their computer does not function properly.

The famous three words “Reboot The Computer”

What do you know after rebooting and trying to run the update again it worked.

Just remember sometimes its the simple basic things we forget.

Keep on Blazing!!!

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