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Microsoft Windows 10 Build 1803 Latest Update

Microsoft has recently released the latest Microsoft Windows feature update. The last update was Build 1709 and now we have moved up to Build 1803.

The first thing I would advise is make sure you have time as it will take forever on a decent connection just to get the update to go through. If you are on a slow connection it will take maybe a day.

As mentioned Microsoft has released this update since April 10 2018 and it will automatically queue as part of your windows update soon enough.

I although found out about this release while i was at work this week and decided to push it across early.

I have created a video tutorial on how to complete this upgrade and i have cut it down to a 3 min video. Realistically it will take a few hours for this upgrade to download and install.

Click Here => Windows 10 Download Tool

Watch the video and it will take you through the entire process and you will see in the end to know that you have upgraded to the latest build version 1803 you will see two images one will be a 2 people Icon and the second if you check what version you are on and the steps I will add below

Steps to display this window to check what version you are on:

Windows Version

  • Open up the cortana search
  • Type Winver
  • Click on it and you will get the above window
  • or if you want to instantly see if you have upgraded you will see a two person Icon that automatically is a new people search feature with the Windows 10 Build 1803 update

Once you see this then you know that you are all up to date.

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