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How to Setup Plex Remote Access & Port Forwarding

It’s been awhile since our last post but I wanted to make sure that the next post is worth while and can be helpful to our Blazers out there.

Recently we moved and I had to setup new hardware again to connect to the internet and get everything going again.

The one issue that I found was that with my new modem router Plex my media server were not working correctly in the way that i could not access my media outside my local home network. It took me sometime to try and fix this issue as with Plex these day and with my last modem router it automatically was ready and working.

With your own Modem/Router you will need to manually allow the Plex server through the ports and then it will work.

I recommend the video attached to this article as it is simple to follow and configure

Remember each Modem Router has different places for the port settings

Port Forwarding Via Router

Port Forwarding

Keep on Blazing!!!

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