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Designated Survivor Season 2 Review

Designated Survivor season 2 I finally got through it. I was pleasantly surprised at how well done this has been made and well continued from the literal explosion that it has given to the

its audiences from the first season to now.

This season was full of plot twists and again there is a new threat to the Presidents term in office and this time its both from foreign land and home grown.

We watch the president and the inner staff get intergated to see if we can find out who is trying to harm the president let alone kill other people and disruppt the president again time in office.

There is a major shake up that happens that you do not see coming and you wonder why the creators of the show did this because at first it does not make any sense.

The other aspect i saw that at first i could not put my finger on until I IMDB search the actor. The young guy that plays the presidents son is Robbie from Cobra Kai totally blew me away.

As I mentioned this season is a who done it from all different angles because we see attacks from all different levels and as they advise in the show they put out fires. The fires were coming from everywhere.

I thought the show was a Netflix original but its actually bought to us by ABC. The cast is great you do get emotionally invested and when something happens that you do not see coming it makes you want to watch more. The twists and turns do keep you on your toes.

Oh and there are two new stars in this season of the show without giving it away both are strong characters and are great additions to the cast.

I strongly recommend that you watch this show its great. I put it at the same level of the show Scandal but I never watched Scandal but I feel this is better.

Not for kiddies 8/10

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