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TV SHOW Review: Craig Ferguson: Tickle Fight

Craig Ferguson stand up special for Netflix Tickle Fight was something that I chose to watch in the middle of finishing a intense show and I just wanted to watch something in between.

I decided to give Craig Ferguson stand up special a whirl and honestly usually I like stand-up specials and I would have thought this would have tickled my fancy but i was sadly mistaken.

It felt like I was watching a old man that just came out of the pub/bar and just got up there and tried out material for the first time. I hope the deal was only a one stand up special deal because I cannot sit through another one like this.

Actually a positive spin would be if you have a stand up comedy school this would be a case study of what you would not do.

Check out the interview he has with Jimmy Kimmel about why he left late night talk shows.

I feel that he needs to go back to the drawing board and even start doing standup in small venues to pick up the game again.

There are better stand up specials on Netflix. no real bits that stand out for me.


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