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TV Show Review: Designated Survivor Season 3

Not long after finishing season 2 of Designated Survivor Season 2. I said what the hell lets get season 3 over and done with and within a week season 3 was done.

Season 3 was picked up by Netflix as the normal network it was on and I am going to say ABC. ABC dropped it and well it was not a good idea for it to be dropped because although season 3 was shorter as Netflix shows are normally shorter seasons we went from 22 episodes to 10. A big drop but still it was of a good to high standard.

This season we return to a hectic time in the Presidential time where its election season and we get to see a lot of the political dirty games that happen kinda like to the level of Scandal but kinda more PG than anything else.–M

This season became more about the relationships more than the politics and it felt like Grey’s Anatomy to a degree.

We saw characters chop and change to different positions in their political careers. On top of this we also saw and not saw some old face from season 2 that did not come back in season 3. The personal security body guard of the president changed all of a sudden and I was like what where did Mike go??? I call a strike if we do not see Mike to come back on the show…

This season as I mentioned it changes a lot we have a lot of different subjects covered from same sex topics, safe sex, transgender and immigration issues just to name a few that I remember.

This season we see a familiar face also make his return to the small screen and let me tell you he has not changed since ER days that a clue??

This season gave me the feels of the messiness of the Clinton time which he states ” I did not have Sexual Relations with that woman” and what we have to deal with now with President Trump.

I would like to see a fourth season with Mike back oh and we loose a familiar face on this season as well. You have to watch to find out who??

Not suitable for younger audiences I would say 15 and above.


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