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Short Movie Review: Bird Karma

Yesterday to kill time the family and I sat down and went through a friends list of movies. We came across two short films. The first was this movie called Bird Karma and the title of the movie was written in the Urdu/sanscreet style of writing and we though it was going to be a short independent animation that is created by some Indian film maker.

Well we were wrong it was a short cartoon created by Dream Works and I did not see one Indian name in the credits.

Anyway besides this the film was actually quite good. It was a film of a bird trying to catch fish to eat and he would eat the fish in the water and then the bird sees a diffrent type of fish and he stops everything to try and get this fish and what happens next is quite fuunny. lol

The movie goes for 5 mins and I would really recommend this just for something small and cute for you to watch with a lesson attached.

I would give it 6.5/10

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