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Movie Review: Spotlight

The Spotlight movie is a movie the wife and I started last weekend and did not manage to finish the movie until this weekend Sunday brunch time.

This is not a easy movie to watch and Spotlight is a movie about an adult subject of child sexual abuse committed by the Catholic Church.

This movie stars putting some lightness into a dark subject. We have a couple of Marvel actors working with one of the best DC actors.

We have Mark Ruffulo, Liev Schreiber and the Original Batman himself Michael Keaton.

Its kinda cool if you think about it you have both comic book universes trying to help stop child sexual abuse.

The Cast is actually quite A class and this is a movie that once you start you should finish in one sitting although the wife and I sat and watched it over two weekends.

We had one interruption that we had to put it off to the next weekend, although I was smashing through it during the week and the wife found out and it was a together movie so I had to rewind and start again from the point w both left off. Sacrifices we have to make. lol

This movie although a true story and its in your face it does not hold back its one of those movies that you think you are watching one of those long novels you read its great story telling.

This is the story really of how a little old newspaper brought shame to a global entity.

The other fact is that and this is not a spoiler you have to stay at the end of the movie to see the lists. Lists of what well you will have to watch to find out.

I am more saddened by this than anything else and if you think its just one religious entity I would advise to think twice there are more religions that do this kinda silliness than you would think.

I highly recommend this movie watch it and it will open your eyes.

Not for the faint of heart or over religious and not suitable for your kids!!


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