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Movie Review: Victoria & Abdul

The last movie that the wife and I sat down and watched with baby in toe as well and I have to say our Daughter at seven months is a trooper she managed to last the near two hours long movie.

Victoria and Abdul is about Queen Victoria’s true story about how she befriends an Indian Muslim in the 1800’s. This is another period piece and no I did not decide to do a theme this week for period pieces. Sorry got side tracked 🙂

Queen Victoria in this retelling of the true story of the relationship between Abdul and and her Majesty shows that it was not what it seemed and the unity not just between man and woman and the different cultures but the religions as well.

Queen Victoria even went as far a making Abdul her personal teacher.

Now this is me telling what was good about this flick and the fact that this is all factual and based on true events etc…

However there were sections in this movie that I felt uneasy and it was not because of the subject matter.

This was due to the fact that I would say for the first half of the movie you are not sure if you are supposed to be watching a serious movie a historical period piece that is supposed to tell you the story and make you learn and feel for the people during this time.

It goes from Drama and then becomes a comedy with gafs that make you laugh but you are feeling am I supposed to be laughing am I not supposed to take this movie as a serious educational learning tool.

This was the disappointing part of this movie. Dame Judy Dench played well and so did Ali Fazal and the supporting cast did as well as they could do with the material they were given. The movie I felt did not hit all its marks I feel that if done correctly it would have got some Oscars. No awards that I could see.

The costumes were nice the sets and location shots were great.

The end of the movie s quite well done and as with all true stories you finish with lines of text with what happens near the end and its been a truck load of time since when this happens and now it probably was given the all clear via the Royal families of the world.

You can find this on Netflix and its not a bad movie for a one time watch.

PG kids can watch but it maybe boring.


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