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Finally after having this TV Show Taboo with me for a long ass period of time I finally managed to get around to watch this period piece about the UK and the USA. The TV show tells us a story about James Delaney and his battle with the East India Company and how the East India Company tried to get the land that his father left him in his will after passing away.

This is a slow but action packed English American cross over drama about power struggle position and land and family and survival just to name a few 🙂

The only actors that I knew in this movie was Jonathan Price from Pirates of the Caribbean and Tom Hardy I know him from this show and the new Marvel Venom movie.

Tom Hardy play’s a hard coated character with a soft inner soul later in the season you get to see this hard coating dissolve for certain people he interacts with.

This is a period piece as I mentioned that is dramatic but has some supernatural scenes that if you are not ready may make you jump scare.

The other actors do support the show very well and you are immersed into the old English world and the craziness that occurs.

This is not a show for the kiddies there is a lot of violence swearing and some sexy scenes that can put people off.

This reminded me of Black Sails but to me its a close second to the first season of Black Sails.

No Kiddies allowed


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