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Movie Review: Second Act

The Whole family sat down yesterday and we watched a girly chick flick movie staring Jennifer Lopez, Vanessa Hudgens.

At first the whole family was like #Jlo has already done this before and we were linking it back to Mai in Manhattan.

After about an hour it does change to become its own story but before then it was all done before.

This is about a girl again from the bronx in Queens and she is a Assistant Manager of a low level section in a store and because she does not have a degree the current workplace is blocking her growth she decides to leave after a girlfriends son does some resume magic.

This is when you see Leah Remini she has a very strong supporting role with #Jlo.

On top of the work lie we have a issues with #Jlo and Vanessa Hudgens character but you will have to watch to find out what this is about.

Also going back to Leah Remini’s character she swears a lot and has a young boy and he parrots her cursing language and throughout the movie she swears and he copies but this dies down after awhile the good thing they do not drag that joke for too long.

The movie goes for 1 hour 40 mins and it has a good flow and you do not stop start although in the beginning i was watching with also scrolling social media. but as I mentioned by 40 mins then it becomes its own story.

I felt the movie was light entertainment a #chickflick that all can enjoy.

As my wife advises and I agree a one time watch.

I asked the family this time what they would rate this and the wife and I gave to a 5.5-6/10 and my mum gave it a 7/10 and I felt that was too high for this movie and mum was like yo guys are too strict.

For me its a average movie that goes straight to DVD.

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