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TV Show Review: Prison Break Season 5

This show has been on my list for a long time I have had this to watch for a long time. A part of me kinda refused to watch this in the beginning was because do I really want to go back to the show that well finished the way it did and I did not like how it ended after season 4 and I am sure a lot of fans were the same.

This season 5 mini series is the finally the TV show deserved.

The series was only given 9 episodes to finish it all and it starts off slow. Kinda in the middle of a current story line but its OK for this show to do this because its a story we all know if we have watched it from the start.

This season all the team is back better than ever and one of the biggest cliffhanger endings that season 4 left us with is answered in season 5, whether you believe how they managed to pull off what they did and how they connected the dots is all up to you.

We have new tattoos and new maps a new supporting cast and T-Bag is back again and he is reborn as a good guy.

The one role that stood out that made it frustrating to watch but in a good way was the new bad guy that was the main villain that we all hated this actor played the role so well going to the next episode was hard for me because he would get under my skin.

There are twists and turns around every corner.

there is again a jail break it has some true war elements that is quite interesting.

The puzzles this time become a mixture of high tech and old school kids coloring and drawing.

The question is do we see Michael after Season 4 or not No spoilers here, your have to watch it yourself.

The sound track is still the same and the one thing i noticed is that the music is done by the same guy I think that did Game Of Thrones.

Can be scary so may not be suitable for young kids my little girl was scarred of just hearing the music so not suitable for kids.

I give this season a solid 8/10

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