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TV Show Review: Suits Season 8

I have been waiting for at least 2 years for season 8 of Suits to come across to Netflix Australia and it has been a very long time.

I had a few questions and this is where a little spoiler happens if you have not caught up. I had a few questions about the new season?

1. With Megan Markel and Patrick J Adams and Gina Torres leaving and a new fresh bunch of Actors come on board, will it be the same?

2. We have Lizzy from Grey’s Anatomy come on board Kathrine Hiegel, Dule Hill, Wendell Pierce, Rachel Harris, Amanda Schull.

These are some of the newbies on the show and the question is is it still as good as what it was in earlier seasons?

I have to say it was different but the new group plus the old group bring different to same energies but it has the same levels of intensities.

In this season we see old and new issues the old guys have to play nice with the old guys.

Harvey and Louis have new battles and new relationship issues.

Who for you is the stand out from the new bunch? Does Kathrine Hiegel fit?

I actually think she does well coming into a already established show with a very loyal fan base.

So from the inner battles with the new guys and old they battle legal cases personal issues.

This season is good its short season 8 is only 10 episodes long around 40 mins long.

The Status quo is changed this season and its got a nice turn of events.

New or old fans I do highly recommend this tv show still it may have slightly lost the speed of the old seasons but its still very fast and has the same level of high production.

Bring on Season 9 and I hear that its the last season??

7.8/10 not really suitable for kids!!

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