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Stand-up – Akmal: Transparent

A month a go now it has to be it has been awhile since i have reviewed and watched anything that I have finished.

I actually purchased this stand-up of Akmal Saleh an Egyptian Aussie comic that has a stand-up called transparent I bought this on YouTube.

You see Akmal do his stand-up in Penrith the western suburbs of Sydney Australia.

Akmal is funny but has a sense of humor that is out there it is smart but its in your face its not gentle its loud in your face and lots of swearing. I found it funny my wife and sister in law found him to sweary 🙂 lol

Akmal Talks about his minor celebrity his family life his religious upbringing that he does not have anymore. His money problems and how reality TV shows helped him although he is not a fan of it.

Akmal is an established comic in Australia but I think he still has not broken the international market maybe this review will help to expand his audience.

This is not suitable for kids.


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