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Movie Review: Charlie Wilson’s War

Sat and watched this the other weekend just gone. I have to say it is a top movie as it depicts the character of Charlie Wilson with all the sides the good the not so good.

Charlie Wilson’s War is based on a true story about a Texas senator that deals with the big international issue that is still relevant today.

You do see some real wheeling and dealing in the movie and it keeps you interested from the start to the very end.

Charlie gets involved with dealings of the international nature which gets him thrust-ed into the lime light dealing with Afghanistan and assisting with the well peace efforts of some degree to bring some level of stability to the country.

The movie has some heavy hitters that give it substance and it is the reason why its at a top level even though IMDB give it 7.10.

The movie has three big hitters that hold the movie together which are Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts and Amy Adams.

The movie goes for less than 2 hours which is long enough and the director Mike Nichols does a great job telling the story.

Add this to your Netflix list and give it a whirl you will be pleasantly surprised.

This is not suitable for kids and it is dealing with international adult matters that are not light to deal with but its a good history lesson on how things work in the world.


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