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Movie Review: Misconduct

Well the next movie that I watched over the last week was nothing to write home about. Although the movie had some heavy hitters as well such as Anthony Hopkins, Al Pacino and a massive drop to Josh Duhamel however on IMDB you will see his name about Pacino and Hopkins considering how bad the movie was the old timers probably did not want to be associated with such a bad movie.

The movie as about a young lawyer that wanted to make it big in his firm and got involved in a case that maybe he should not have got involved in and well things go down hill from there.

Everything from a poor thought out story to sub-standard performances that you can just tell they are all going through the motions and there is no real substance to the movie.

There are twists turns but nothing you have not seen before it felt like for me a movie like The Firm but only a long lost cousin that should have remained lost.

There were times I was watching this whilst playing with my phone for me it was nothing that grasped my attention and kept me hooked.

Please do not bother with this film and well this is going straight off the server and in the bin.

Not suitable for kids or anyone with taste.


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