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Movie Review: Hard Target 2

After Skyscraper the wife went to bed and it was still early so I watched another movie and this time it was a movie that only I would watch. This time I watched a movie with Scott Adkins in it. The Movie was called Hard Target 2.

Hard Target 2 is about a disgraced Mixed Martial Arts fighter that after a fight that goes wrong and he is looking for redemption. Scott Adkins takes up an offer for a new fighting tournament and when he does you as the viewer are ready for some action but it turns out to be something else and even you the audience get lied to.

The original was with Van Damme this one is another straight to DVD movie I like Scott Adkins but I feel the movies that he makes that he is the main star go straight to DVD and I am a big fan of the Undisputed series.

Anyhow the lies manifest itself to be the hunter becomes the hunted and its a life and death game that not only his life is in danger but the life of a local villager young woman.

What makes this movie actually watchable is the fact that the villain is very believable and we know him as the T – Bag and he is very convincing.

This made the movie for me as both sides of the table were strong it was an equal final boss in a fighting game.

This is a movie for the blokey bloke and not a movie for the family or kids.

4 to 5/10

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