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Movie Review: Skyscraper

After a long time the wife and I have had a chance to sit and watch a movie together and the baby even watched it it was a PG 13 movie but she was enthralled in it to the point when there was a small level of violence or action on the screen my wife started spinning in circles so that our daughter would not see the action but she was so smart that she would turn her head each time and it was even more encapsulating than the movie. lol

Now the movie is about The Rocks character and he is a security/safety expert and he has been asked to go to China and assess this big ass Skyscrapers safety and they actually go into details of how its safe and what would happen in case of an emergency now please note this skyscraper is like over 220 floors. This is in no overcompensation in this movie 😉

Anyhow one thing leads to another and all hell breaks loose and The Rock Dwayne Johnson’s family gets stuck in the building and he is not in the building and he has to try and make it back in the building to save their lives.

Who is the wife you maybe wondering well its none other than Party of Five girl and Scream Girl Neve Campbell. Not a bad movie for her to be in. However I always see Neve as the young girl from Party of Five and in the is movie the ages gap between THe Rock Dwayne Johnson and her I felt was a tad large.

The movie does not waste to much time to get into the action part and then you are on the roller-coaster and you have to hold on because it does get intense.

This movie can be even made into a video game as each challenge the family gets into to beat is like a different level in a video game.

However some scenes without actually giving away any spoilers some scenes are very far fetched even for Dwayne Johnson’s character and you sit there going come on really!!

While watching this movie both the wife and I thought this was only a one time watch no real re-watch value the love for the family in the movie was great and even though I felt the chemistry between The Rock and Neve could have been better. The scenes with their movie kids were better.

I do recommend this to be a Friday night family movie with your kids being supervised its more action than anything you have to worry that will traumatize them and because some scenes are not realistic even with the CGI kids would also say really!!


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