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Stand-up: Ricky Gervais – Humanity

Over a long period I managed to finish this stand up special. At first the family and I started this special and due to life’s duties getting in the way we never got back to it together and as well as the little one was awake and this is not really suitable for young audiences.

This is all new and original content with some reality put in as all comics try and makes the audience see the truth in certain subject matter.–U

Most of what Ricky discusses is some negative dark humor but it is funny and there is a certain bit about death and funerals and Priest which is actually a true story about his brothers and family and always being able to smile.

Although certain parts were about his wealth and some may find this part not related to the audience and if the audience cannot relate then its not as funny.

What I did like though is the amount of work and effort he put in this stand up special as in the material.

I do not know what it is but Ricky is the second comedian that I have seen do bits about apes and our connection with them although new it does trigger memories of when Joe Rogan did ape monkey bits in his earlier stand up specials.

I have never been a fan of his TV shows but I like Ricky when he is doing stand up and the talk shows like Graham Norton.

The Humanity special is watchable for me its a one time thing and then your done.


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