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Movie Review: Down Shift

I do not even know where to start on how bad this movie is and for a car racing movie it is a slow as if you were watching driving Miss Daisy. Please do not bother with this one it is more about family troubles and music that is played in the background while the two brothers race to get to finish lines in different cities but they get nowhere quickly.

Small independent movie with bad camera work when it comes to filming the cars racing or even driving.

It feels like a young film makers directorial debut that he or she submitted for their final exam. It may have passed in the classroom but should have not made it in the public arena.

Over 1 hour long very slow and you go nowhere in the end.

Does not have anything really to write about I guess this is more a public service announcement that you should all know not to watch this movie at all.

No actors to even mention all new people that you have never heard of and maybe trying to break through with this flick but its a dud. It’s like you have bought this movie from a car dealer and its turned out to be a second hand lemon that Matilda’s dad sold you.

Please do not watch not worth your time


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