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Movie Review: Aftermath

A long time ago in a movie universe, this was a movie I sat down and watched by myself I would say a month ago now.

Aftermath is a movie about an old man that works on a building site and we see that he gets to leave work early to go and pick up his pregnant daughter and wife from the airport and then all of a sudden his world turns upside down and the aeroplane that his family is on is in an accident and then the story starts and the sad thing this story is a true story that did happen and its a sad drama that is slow-paced.

The rest of the movie we see Arnold’s character goes on one of his one man terminator missions to get justice for his lost family.

He goes down the path of trying to get justice but he eventually takes justice in his own hands.

You see the movie from the two angles of the story one from the flight control guy that is working on that night of the accident and has to go under investigation and the second is the family man that is on his justice mission and we see how they eventually meet and what happens when they do and the effect on both families due to actions taken and made on both sides.

I am on the fence for this film as I understood the reason and the message they were trying to send out but I would have preferred it to stay in book form.

Not suitable for kids


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