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Movie Review: POMS

Poms was a movie that we watched through a friends server so thank you, friend, for allowing us to watch this.

Poms is a movie about an older woman that sells her stuff and checks herself into a retirement village and its kinda depressing at first as all she wants to do is wait around and die.

Martha the lead character played by Diane Keaton as always is a strong character but she is hiding something and does not wish to share.

Reading the blurb on IMDB they describe the movie as the following:

IMDB: ” POMS is a comedy about a group of women who form a cheerleading squad at their retirement community, proving that you’re never too old to ‘bring it!'”

The cast is strong and mostly an all leading female cast which is good. What I enjoyed about the movie was it shows you that you are never too old to stop just living the life you want.

the movie although is pitched as a comedy has a serious undertone within it and sends that message across well.

For you 13 reasons why fans it has Jessica Alisha Boe in the movie and her role is a good role as well. I loved the fusion of different ethnicities within the movie as it was not really stressing that point across as the movie just made you feel that you are watching a movie and it did not matter the ethnicity or colour of the skin.

For Aussie fans, you had Jackie Weaver in the movie and she was playing one of the main supporting characters although I felt sometimes she was stronger than Diane Keaton’s role.

Although PG I would advise kids to watch with parental units as some subject matters would or maybe require a family discussion or bring up questions for kids.

All in all a good movie something to pass the time.


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