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TV Show Review: Sense 8: Season 2

Season 2 of Sense 8, Wow what a show if you want a show that is one of those shows from season 1 has great potential and then it becomes a real mind trip that even if you are sober and have not done any drugs whatsoever in your life this will take you on a trip that I had to watch episodes in parts because I at times was thinking what am I watching.

If you have not seen the show the premise is that there are a group of 8 humans that are a higher level of humanity that is genetically connected around the world.

The concept is great and could have been taken far but I felt it lost its way when episodes were sometimes longer than the length of Bollywood films with the musical intervals included.

There was a part in the show when character split herself in two because she loved tow people, basically created her grown-ass adult twin.

The show puts these 8 individuals together to defeat the evil doctor that wants to use them as science experiments to find out what makes them tick and then kill them.

You also have to remember this show is made by the same family of siblings that brought you The Matrix Trilogy.

The best way I can put this was that the second season is like watching part 2 and 3 of THe Matrix it has potential but fails. Although the last episode does well putting the message of love as a universal message out there for all the world to see and I think Netflix was the best platform to be on to drive this message home.

The only issue I have and some may not but there is one scene that should be watched within the confines of your home and not while on public transport or anywhere in public places.

The tv show has a lot of sexy scenes and the one above mentioned just now is something that is well in an artistical way well done but some may not agree.

The music was of high quality in this series. There was a diverse range of characters.

Add this to your list if you want something different to watch and no kids allowed for sure.

For me, this is a one time watch no real re-watch value and I am sure that there are plenty of Sense 8 fans that will disagree but each to there own I guess.


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