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Movie Review: Aladdin (2019)

Awhile back now the family and I sat down and watched this new version of Aladdin. I had mixed feelings about this remake because I felt that the animated version was already a perfect Disney classic and why do we need to make another one.

I was surprised by this movie. At first, I thought Guy Ritchie directing a live motion picture version of a converted animated classic musical cartoon really??

Ladies and Gentlemen Guy Ritchie actually did a good job. He kept the respect of the old classic and brought it to a new level. How did he bring it to a new level you ask? He took a risk and unlike the Mary Poppins remake that the director in that movie destroyed a classic and any chance of ever touching that material.

Guy, as I mentioned, kept the respect of that classical movie with the original songs and gave Will Smith enough freedom to adlib and change the Gene song enough to make it his own but not destroy a classic.

This movie touched on not just what the original movie storyline but it talked about the empowerment of women and the equality of humanity.

I will touch on a few things I remember about this movie.

First I liked one of the original songs in the movie the one that Princess Jasmine sang and it was the female empowerment song. This was excellent the composition the melody lyrics it all was all put together with excellence.

This version of Aladdin you have to add to your home movie collection and it has earned its place next to the original classic.

Fun for all 10/10

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