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Movie Review: Spiderman Far From Home

Spiderman Far From home the latest instalment in the Marvel movie series. this time Spiderman Peter Parker goes international and has to fight a friend that turns out to be a foe.

This Spiderman movie is over 2 hours long so lets just put it out there and make sure that you all put in the time for this one because its the big-budget Marvel movie with a real essence to continue the storyline and Tom Hollan has some big weights to carry on his shoulders.

This was the latest and last big-budget flick the wife and I sat and watched together. THen life kinda just got in the way and we had to focus on other things.

Hopefully, after this review, I can watch something new.

There is a lot of action-adventure. There is a kinda teen romance going on as well with some humour that really for some reason the spiderman movie any of them I do not find funny. It does though create the awkward teen humour about growing up love and relationships and the struggle that Peter Parker has with trying to lead a normal life on top of being responsible for the fate of the earth.

Special effects in the movie is a massive part there is a scene with technology and mirrors which reminded me of Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon just at a new level.

Any fan of Comics Marvel or even DC should watch this and add it to your collection.

I wonder if we will have anymore Avenger Movies after End Game or is that it?

This is fun for the whole family younger kids watch with parental units.

I give it a solid 7/10

Which Spiderman is your favourite?

P.S Please watch end game before you watch this!!!

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