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Movie Review: Honey 3 – Dare to Dance

Last week I sat and watched a movie called Honey 3 yes they made 3 parts to the Honey franchise and No it does not get better by the third instalment. How and why you may ask? Well for me this third art like the first two you are supposed to get into the movie because of the dancing and performance and well this fell well short by my standards. The dancing was soo 2002 and well behind the times.

The thing that actually kept me going to watch the movie in whole was the actual storyline and the original nature of the story and not the dancing.

I did not know any of the cast and that was a good thing for me because it kept it fresh and new.

The story was again about love loss and well it was based in South Africa and it brought colour lines and gang violence into the picture which actually made it watchable.

The story was around Romeo and Juliet with a different flavour and this is what I liked most about it. You watch this for the new version of Romeo and Juliet not because of the music and dancing.

It is a-ok to an average teen love story and beyond that nothing more.

I hope that this new fresh cast gets better since this 2016 average teen dance romance flick.

This poses a question for me whatever happen to that TV show “So you think you can Dance?

This is a one time watch that will kill time and nothing more you will smile cause its light but its nothing to keep in your movie library.


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