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Movie Review: Marauders

This movie is a random movie that I just decided to watch just to see some random action flick that I can watch not think about anything and be surprised if anything.

Marauder is a movie about a bank heist that goes south. Things go wrong and then the FBI comes in to see what is going on and this is when Christopher Meloni comes (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit) in the picture and questions the boss of the bank Bruce Willis. Yes this is a Bruce Willis movie and you really are on the fence with this one it’s no Die Hard but it ain’t that bad. It’s not a date movie its action twists and turns to try and find out who the bad people behind the masks are.

You also have Dave Bautista adding muscle to it.

The movies cast does a decent job with the story they were given. I am still confused about this movie though because it leaves you thinking because of how it ended.

I say watch this and see what you think and let me know how you think it ends and what the ending means?

This is no kiddie movie so no kids allowed I would say this is a straight to DVD movie.


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