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Movie Review: X-Men: Dark Phoenix

The wife and I thought it was time to watch another flick together but this time we did not really want to watch a really new movie so we came across this as we all know the new movies are over 2 hours long and we need really to have that time to invest in it.

Anyway, we sat and watched the latest instalment of the X-men franchise and this one is really something that could have been better.

In this new movie, I got the feels that I was watching something like Terminator 2 meets Alien Vs Predator.

Are we dealing with human mutants or something outta space because we do not have ET and there is no phoning home here?

Basically in this version, we have the young X-men James Macolvoy leads with a stunning cast but the story could have been better.

Fans will enjoy this and add it to their collection but it is a weak movie.

The cool thing is this story links back to the older movies and you get an understanding of how the humans and mutants had the war or dislike of each other and we also get to understand how the war between Professor X and Magnito have their issues from the start.

This movie should have been 90mins no longer.

I would also advise that this should go straight to DVD or your favourite streaming services.

I wonder what else they are going to make for the X-Men series.

This movie also has Stanza from Game of Thrones and you feel like you need to have the crazy king that she was married to in Game of Thrones in this movie and then try and smack his ass so hard that he will go running back to Kings landing.

Honestly, I felt that both Games of Thrones chick and Jessica Chastain did not have that much scope in portraying characters emotion just they seem to rely heavily on the special effects that these Marvel movies have all across the board.

Something for the older teens 14 and above


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