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Movie Review: A Simple Favor

A couple of weeks ago the wife found some time to sit and watch a movie and we decided on this little flick called “A Simple Favor” The movie has Blake Lively, Anna Kendrick and Henry Golding.

The movie revolves around an unlikely friendship that occurs with you could say an Upper East Sider and a not so much single mum that is like a perfect mum that tries to make everyone happy.

The friendship between the two mums happens as they have two sons going to the same school and the kids want to have a play date.

While the kids are playing the two mums get to know one another and build a bond and friendship.

So much so that Blake’s character trusts the Vlog mum to pick up her son from school one day and look after him while she gets back from work unknown to Anna’s character Blake has gone on a business trip and has not advised anyone.

The story then unravels from a calm slow-paced comedy to a missing person thriller mystery.

This movie is just under two hours but you do not feel the length of the movie.

I would say the main cast is small but they do a good job with the content and do manage to drive the message of the story across to the audience. This movie was surprisingly good to the point I usually watch these kinds of movie and expect it to have a meh ending and then delete it from my computer to make room for new movies but this one was good as you really do not expect the ending to be what it is and you are surprised by it as the way the story is told you do not expect it to be flipped on its head.

This is no kiddies movie it is R-Rated not for anything major its the subject matter and a little violence.

The two leading ladies really lead and drive the movie with Henry really being the third wheel but he does have an important role to play as Henry and Anna well let’s say explorer so many avenues to find out what happened to Blake’s character.

Add this to your list and watch it as a date movie or a girls night in just do not get any ideas 🙂 lol.


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