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TV Show Review: Orange is the New Black

Well, I managed to get this done I think it was a month ago now. The overall show was good for its time and the first few seasons were great a real eye-opener. Everything from the beginning of what can get you in trouble even the small stuff that can get you behind bars.

Orange is the new Black did not shy away from the hard-hitting topics and the earlier seasons were more in your face than the later ones or was that because you become more immune to the going on and what happens and then all this becomes the norm.

Over the course of the show you get to see the characters build and become whole and even some of the characters that come and have an arc over a season they are characters that you connect with.

All of them were really my favs as the whole team of actors is what made this show top shelf.

Even Jim from American Pie did an ok job although he disappeared for many reasons and there was only one story arc that they did not travel down and that was when Dayanara Diaz had that affair with the prison guard and then that fizzled to what happened just a massive gap.

The show even though prison-bound did manage to show and stretch the backstories deep enough that you can see the characters outside the prison walls and in other clothing rather than the prison clothes.

Seven seasons strong it is a show that you could watch again or even buy on DVD.

However, captain obvious now would have to say this is not for the kiddies. No kids allowed only adults due to the entire seasons subject matter.

Add this to your list and make up your own mind.


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