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Movie Review: Shadow

I watched a movie after some time and this time I choose a Chinese Dynasty piece that occurs during the Ping Dynasty and how they went to war with another province and at first, it was all dialogue and peace and there was a lot of wheeling and dealing.

In a nutshell, without giving away too much it was two kingdoms going at war to become the one and true ruler of all Kingdoms.

The story was ok to above-average, but I watched this for the art and the cinematography. The movie gave me the feels of other Chinese movies like Hero and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

The colour at times was confusing as you are watching a colour movie but as it was called Shadow you had a black and white and grey feel most of the time.

There was a lot of rain and slow-motion effects with some of the scenes and the slow-motion displayed the ballet of the martial arts fight scenes.

The music was good with the sit-down string instrument they play and they had to characters playing it in one part of the movie when in another scene of the movie it was the background music to the fight scene between the two Kingdoms generals.

If you like these types of period pieces that show the beauty of the culture the heartache and pure art form of fight scenes then this would be something for you to watch.

I do not know any of the actors it’s all in Chinese and subtitles are a must if you do not know the language.

For me, it was a one time watch and it is quite a long movie so be ready for a two-hour sit-down and watch. I watched it over a week. I kinda watched it starting on my flight back from Sydney but I can tell you if you are not in the right mindset for the flick then you won’t like it. It is not just an action flick you will have to sit and pay attention and being in another language you have to focus more than you think.

I loved the location scenes and wide shots and the use of the Ying and the Yang symbol throughout the movie it was nicely added.

This is nothing for kiddies to watch and well you would not watch it for a date movie guys would like this more however it does have some romance nut much.

For me, it’s a 7.3/10

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