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Movie Review: Turbo

Today managed to watch a movie with the wife, well I started the cartoon with the wife and finished it by myself.

Turbo is a cartoon about a snail that dreams of being faster than he is.

Turbo wants to become a Nascar driver well it’s based in America so it’s all about a left-hand turn they should have gone international and went with Formula 1 and had some of the F1 drivers do some voice-over character work.

The voice-over work that this movie has are some great actors like Ryan Reynolds is there a movie cartoon that he is not in he seems to be the actor that is hot right now.

Turbo has the voices of Michelle Rodriguez and Samuel L Jackson and Snoop Dogg just to name a few.

This movie somehow seems to be able to mix the life of snails NASCAR and a tacho truck all in the one movie and it mixes well.

We get to go on an adventure with Turbo and his friends on how he goes from being Theo a normal slow snail to Turbo the fasted snail in the west well not sure if it’s the west of the USA side 🙂

This was just great fun for the whole family I would say 3+ my one-year-old daughter was not really interested.

The animation story characters and the musical soundtrack was good. I would say it’s good enough to be added to the home movie collection for the kids but I would say its nothing they would watch all the time.

I had fun watching this fun for all 7.5/10

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