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Movie Review: The Irishman

I would say over the past week I sat and watched The Irishman over the weeks in instalments. The first thing you will notice about this movie is that it is not your average length movie it is a long-ass movie. Nearly 3 hours and 30mins long. I just started watching this and before I realized that it was this long I was already 30mins into the flick and it was too late for me to back out because of my commitment issues 🙂

The story is about a mob/mafia hitman Frank Sheeran and no he is not related to Ed 🙂

We are introduced to Frank as he retells his story about how he gets involved with the mob and the things he has to do and sometimes forced to do even if he really does not want to. We see the toll that it takes on his family and the real-life cost it has on all families and shows how powerful the mob was/is? Who knows??

You get to hear code words like church paint houses etc which is interesting I guess this was all because the mob knew they were being wired taped.

The movie is over three hours long had a lot of time and room to tell us the story and they did it in I feel great details introducing us to other members of the crime world the picture would stop and then the name of the person would come on the screen and then we would be told the name and when they died and how they died.

If you are into Mafia/Mob movies you will watch this it is a Martin Scorsese film with Deniro Joe Pesci and Al Pacino. It even has Everyone Loves Raymond in it watch it and see him in it no spoilers from me.

(The Video Above may have spoilers)!!!!

The supporting cast is strong and the movie is well made but I felt it ran very long and was slow paced maybe this is what they wanted as the story was one to be told and told properly.

We have two mafia members called Tony and the only difference between the two is one is called “Fat Tony” the other is not.

Of course, this is no kids flick no kids allowed as there is a lot of cursing and a lot of violence.

Ohh there is another little Easter egg in the movie you will see a person from Orange is the New Black watch it and see if you notice the person. 🙂

This is no walk in the park its got action but its more sad drama and will show you how life can be worth something one day and nothing the next. Joe Pesci’s character I felt had a lot of power being the head of a family the fact that he had the power for who stays and who does not is quite interesting.

Give the movie a go but make sure you have over 3 hours to spare.

No kids allowed


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