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Movie Review: Gemini Man

Finally, after some time, I managed to sit down with my sister in law and her friend and watch an average to good movie off my server.

The sis in law choose it we watched Gemini Man. The movie was basically a story about a trained killer/assassin that wanted to retire because he finally became soft and when you become soft its time to hang up your sniper rifle.

To me, the movie was like the old Sly Stalone and Antonio Banadras movie Assassins just the only difference you are dealing with your twin.

The movie was a decent length and the story had a good pace that you were following with no real stops that you lose momentum.

The cast had a solid two main characters that Will Smith played more than one character and the bad guy was played by Clive Owen.

The movie although has the 6th day feel too it the movie does touch on some moral points but does not delve too deep but you do see the main two Will Smiths come at there dilemma from the two different sides.

The aspect that the movie loses points with me is the CGI effects I think the budget there could have been better.

The younger Will Smith they wanted was the one from Fresh Prince but you got a mix between that and a muscled up Smith From Ali. It was kinda off-putting and as much as you wanted to connect with the character because the CGI for me was not believable I was like meh whatever let’s just keep going.

The CGI anti-ageing in The Irishman was better. The length in this movie was better I guess you can’t have both. lol

This is a straight movie there will be no Gemini Man 2 and it’s not trying to build a universe its a start to finish Sci-Fi Story with moral stories to wars and the effects they have.

I say this is a movie with some heart and enough of a story for both partners to enjoy not only action but a family love story aswell.

Although PG 13 not suitable for kids under 13 as the subject matter and the Assasin type killings are not good for kids. Even when watching this movie we had to wait for my Lil one to hit the hay before we come to start watching this movie.

The other thing also is to remember this is an Ang Lee movie this director brought you The over The top Hulk with Eric Banna and Broke Back Mountain, although this is not as long as those two movies.

Add this to your list worth watching at least once I would say it’s one of Smiths better new movies than the other Sci-Fi disaster After Earth or I am Legend.

Drop me a comment telling me what you think of the movie?

6.5 to 7/10

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