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TV Show Review: TITANS

After a very long hiatus, I have finally managed to watch and finish the first season of Titans on Netflix.

It took me a long time to get back into the habit well its not really a habit anymore just whenever I get a chance to watch these days with a little rugrat it’s not as easy as before.

I have been really contemplating to start a new show and I really wanted to watch something that was escapism and really did not have to think about anything. Just watch and it will not make any differences to the world.

Titans is this show.

The show revolves around new superheroes from the DC Gotham universe.

Robin being the leader of the bunch Titans is let me tell you nothing like the Saturday morning cartoon teen titans. Titans is very adult in its content and subject matter consisting of violence a high level of unnecessary gore and subject matter that is no comic book fantasy.

Being the first season it starts off slow and I was questioning to continue or not but you know me I have commitment issues.

this first season is really a setup for future seasons you get introduced to different characters and some episodes are their origin stories.

In the first season, you get to meet the main good guys and one guy that you do not think would ever turn from good to a bad guy.

Although the good guy turned bad guy you do not see them really just in the shadows.

The good thing is that this season as mentioned is a setup of the universe and I wonder if Batwoman and Gotham people would ever cross over although with Gotham it would be a different time period.

I wonder what you all think about this series I just started and I do want to continue after some time but I will probably change over to another show and season after this.

As advised not suitable for the kiddies and some adults may not like it either.

6/10 a decent start room for improvements and growth and remember the first season is only 11 episodes.

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