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Movie Review: Last Christmas

The last time I reviewed a movie probably was around last Christmas. This was a random choice because yesterday was Valentine’s day and the ladies of the household wanted to watch a chick flick.

I had this laying around on the server and I picked the movie this time and well it was good although wifey with the baby left after about forty mins because Lil one was falling asleep.

The movie has Queen Kalesi from Game of Thrones and Henry Goulding from Crazy Rich Asians this is a love story with a difference and I am not putting any spoilers in this review.

Watch it and you will understand.

Emma Thompson does well with this movie and yes this movie has all the George Michael hits the movie has his entire discology on it and they are well placed.

Ohh it has Michelle Yeoh as well in it from Crazy Rich Asians as well.

The movie had light feels to it although my wife hit the nail on its head figuring out the main gist of the movie within the first 10mins sorry no spoilers here.

You can watch this as a first date movie or just any date movie.

Emila Clarke is quite clumsy and no real queen in this movie being a very out of place character as she does not make the right choices about life and her bad decision making affects others in her life going from home to home not trying to go back home as there is some home drama that she does not want to face.

This is quite a straight forward story no superheroes just a start a middle and ends this could be a novel that has been turned into a movie but that’s all I know and can tell you about this movie.

Something all can watch and it’s a sweet enough movie to add to your movie collection that can become a seasonal movie favourite.

Not a long movie 1 hour 40mins plus 6/10

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