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Movie Review: Frozen 2

Frozen 2 one of the most anticipated sequel animation movies of 2019. I am sorry to say there was a lot of hype that turned out to be hot air but really was nowhere near the awesomeness of the original part Frozen the original.

The story was ok had a decent story about again family love and unity and a lesson about fear.

As mentioned the story is ok but I am really sorry to say the music as this is an animating musical by the leaders of animated musicals Disney.

Unfortunately, Disney would be turning in his grave to see what was made for one of the best-animated musicals sequels. I would really say this is a straight to DVD sequels. I would not get to the movies for this and I am happy that I got this through Google Credits and not actually paid for this.

The sad thing is the same vocal actors came back to be part of this sequel and probably got paid really well but this really was substandard.

None of the songs was something that I could say I can remember nor will it win any grammy’s anytime soon.

If your a fan of these series then yes you would watch it and you would buy the second movie to keep it part of the collection.

Can someone please tell me why only one sister has a boyfriend or husband or partner and the other does not have anyone I would have thought building a second love story would have been good and this has nothing to do with not being a strong woman etc…

Please, Disney, decide either to stop the series or make a third part and finish the series but really think about this properly this could be as good as the High School Musical series.

My sister-in-law advised this did not pass her 10 min test for me I was bored with it as well although I have a problem and need to commit and finish the movie as you never know it may have come good but it did not kinda disappointing.

In the last year and this year the only good animation movie I watched I have to say was Turbo I would have thought this would have been up there but nope its nowhere near the perfection of what it should be.

What do you guys think about part 2 did you guys like it? for me, this is a 3.5/10

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