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Stand-up: Ronny Chieng: Asian Comedian Destroys America

A few weeks ago I sat down during my train trips to work and sat and watched this stand up special by Australian Comedian Ronny Chieng. Ronny has a new standup special on Netflix and the subject matter this time around is Destroying America with his funny bone.

For me this standup special was ok it was not the greatest but it had its moments and it felt like his bits still needed working on but maybe I am wrong the bits were good but there were bits that were better than other bits.

I liked how he talked about different countries races and religions and turned the Asian stereotype on its head advising the Asain bystander as the equivalent to Switzerland a person that did not take sides either way over the black and white war that America had with itself.

Ronny then talks about tones he has and this was part of the trailer already and this is where he brings his wife in the act and also he brings a glimpse on Crazy Rich Asians in it advising that his whole wedding process was something that he did not enjoy but I guess making it a bit in his own act is now paying off his wedding 🙂

This is no family-friendly standup certainly adults only as the content matter is not for everyone and even the target market for this standup can be different than what you may watch.


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