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TV SHOW REVIEW: ARROW Season 8 – Final Season

It has been a long windy road for the Arrow series and even the Arrowverse. When this first came out in 2012 it was the first TV series that really invested in telling the story in the right way and not rushing it well not until The Flash came into the picture lol sorry Dad joke 101.

At first, I did not really know what the story was about and the tv show really went through and thoroughly invested in telling you the current story and the flashbacks would tell you what the historical reasons were for the story and characters being how they were.

In the beginning, it does give you links to Batman and Oliver Queen in the first few seasons had to go up against Ra’s Al Gul.

The final fight scene with Ra’s Al Gul was one of the most memorable scenes in the whole series and if you watch the behind the scenes featurette Stephen Amell mentioned that he trained hard for that scene and even for the first season the pilot he worked out and ended up with more than a 6 pack and had to do that vertical exercise machine and he actually did that scene all him and managed to do it for all 8 seasons.

When they started the whole Marvel/DC battle on the big screen and the little screen it felt like that DC was winning the small screen and the Marvel movies at the cinema were killing it there. I remember watching both and Arrow for me was the front runner for years and when Marvel came on Board I felt that only Daredevil and Jessica Jones well Jessica Jones really only worked because of Kilgrave the bad guy was soo good that you were invested 🙂

The other aspect as mentioned above were the flashbacks in the earlier season there were a lot of flashbacks moving back and forth and you really had to try and keep up at first I found this to be annoying and frustrating but it does work for giving you the whole story about Oliver Queen and his mates.

The other element that worked it was not just going in there and bash everyone up it was a thinking person show and tried to make it as realistic as possible until the final two seasons.

Arrow, if you are a fan of the series and have watched it throughout you, would remember did not win all battles.

The Damien Dark season was a good season too and it also shows you that a strong adversary makes it worthwhile wholistically for you to watch the show and invest in the hero’s story as the bad guys are not just a one-punch knockout. Also even if Arrow one some of the aftermaths of the win still had casualties as the choices that had to be made still had people and other sacrifices to be made.

Now as the Arrowverse became bigger the CW added more cross over shows to the DC universe and the first show that came out of Arrow was the Flash and then the only one after that I remembered watching one episode and I want to see more is DC Legends of Tomorrow. I started to watch these shows but never go into them not because they were bad but I felt it was too much like an overdose but they did connect the shows well in crossover episodes that had something universe based that would affect all the shows and it would start from one show and move across the shows timeline in the universe and the time the actual show was on TV. I feel like it may be time for me to start The Flash.

In the later seasons, it becomes about the team Arrow and family and the importance of the protection of the Arrow family. In seasons 7 & 8 you are introduced to the Kids of the Arrow family. One of the kids looks familiar you may have seen her in another show about vampires werewolves and shadow hunters.

Now in the final season 8, it is a sweet and fitting ending and you could even say and a new beginning there is room for a spin-off you can say.

Season 8 was I feel for the fans as each episode of the 10 episodes were a throwback to the first season and each episode was liked to season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 and they did it well bringing back some well-loved characters that you can see for one last time and say goodbye too.

What do I give the show for the final season and overall? Well for season 8 I give it a solid 8/10. For the whole show, I give it a 10/10. Thank you for the show’s creators and the time and effort and thank you for not rushing the storyline. 8 seasons was long enough as the show was still relevant and valid and did not lose its muscle.

This is not suitable for the young kids I would ay 15 and above.

If you are a fan I would add this to your list of kept TV shows DVD/Blu-Ray collections.

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