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Movie Review: Hot Tub Time Machine 2

Decided to take some time and watch a movie off my server just to watch something that I can watch one time and get it over and done with.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is the continuation about time travel with a comedic twist and I have to say the second version is not as good as the first part as this part they just make it for me it was like The Hangover meets Back to the Future.

They made a lot of references to old movies that was kinda lame and really had no point.

The point of the movie was really to try and solve a murder.

The movie takes you back and forth in time like Back to the Future Style and you had Chevy Chase as Doc but he really was only in one scene.

This movie is a young teens movie mostly 15 and over male teen that have a party at home at their parents place and get shitface drunk or high as a kite.

I am not approving this behaviour at all just saying this movie would be one of those movies you would watch under the influence and seeing how I don’t drink or do drugs at all this was a struggle to get through.

The music and concept of the movie could have been better and the parents that they could have picked it up they did not and I just wanted it to be over before it started.

The one thing I agree about the movie that the movie went for 90mins and that was long enough.

There is a lot of silly comedy unnecessary nudity and just this is a straight to DVD or Netflix kinda show although it’s not on Aussie Netflix yet.

It’s a one time watch for me and deletes off the server.

3.5/10. Not suitable for kids at all!!!

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