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Movie Review: The Bag Man

The Bag Man. If I said this movie had Robert De Niro and John Cusack I would stand up or in the case of a movie sit down and take notice and watch it.

With those leading the movie, you would think it would be half decent. Ohh how wrong we are about this movie The Bag Man. It’s more a movie you would put a bag over your head and end it all.

Not a decent movie at all I would say its an easy paycheck for the two main leads as they were probably just wanting some pocket money.

Anyhow the movie is about a hired killer carrying a bag and having to deliver it to DeNiro and he is not allowed to look in the bag at any stage to see the content of the bag otherwise he will not get his money.

Apparently the money is a truckload of cash.

Basically that is the premise of the whole movie. Get a Bag and wait in a dingy motel for it to be picked up.

Then things start to happen a hooker takes part to distract him from his mission with her pimp and little person pimp as well.

We go on this poor man’s excuse of a wild ride and rally it’s like a roller coaster that does not go upside down it just goes around in a circle and then you end up in the same place.

This movie even has Dominic Purcell from Prison Break in it.

I guess as mentioned everyone needs a paycheck.

Well, when your the middle of a pandemic and you have nothing better to do watch a crappy one-time watch movie and then delete it from your server.

This is a straight line which tried to make out it has a twist but you do not jump out of your seat at any stage in the movie you just watch it from beginning to end say ok that kills 90mins!.

Not suitable for kids and straight delete off the server.


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