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Movie Review: The Scribbler

I better scribble down a review for this physiological thriller movie that I just finished.

The movie first kinda starts at the end and tells the story from the eyes of The Scribbler and you are in a world of well, real-world and Sci-Fi. I will get to that later.

The story basically is dark and takes us to a crime scene or a place of were crazy girls go when they leave the asylum.

The Doctor gives them a portable Electric shock machine to normalize them well that’s what he is thinking.

The sad truth is that this is far from it. We go on this journey to find out why when these girls go to this apparent building to stay and continue their recovery they all end up dead.

Dead by suicide and the cops are interviewing Sukie to find out if she knows what happened or if she is the one committing these crimes. Who knows?

The problem with this story is that you get to know the plot and what you want to find out in the end but the question is after you get these two points do you want to really be bothered to find out why these things were done and even so by who?

For me the care factor for these two points was not high, to the point I was playing mobile games as well while watching this movie. I ended up beating a Toy Blast level 🙂

The movie was dark and gloomy and it was really hard to watch because the picture was not that clear and it was not the quality of my movie file.

Now to the cast, the cast was a strong cast that managed to tell the story well however it was the care factor that let the movie down. You really did not invest emotionally into the movie or characters to give a crap.

The cast had Eliza Dusko, THey guy from The Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles. The terminator guy. His role was kinda dumb because it felt that he was out of his mind on drugs.

It had Katie Cassidy from Arrow fame but because she was so different in this role I could not spot her properly. I was too focused on the story and trying to figure out the end before the end even though my care factor was zero.

The movie also had Raj from the Big Bang Theory and all I could think while he was in the few scenes he was in was why did you even sign up for this role really?

He played a Doctor in a mental institution and it was not even a good one a small bit part.

I do not recommend this movie it is not suitable for kids or even some adults.

Ohh the other funny thing I remember seeing near the end Sukie the girl with the multiple personalities wears a skeleton jumpsuit like in The Karate Kid the original movie, not the Will Smith nonsense.

This part of the movie it became like Sci-Fi superheroes with superpowers.

By this time you had ten mins to go and you just wanted to end.

So as I advised above not recommended and not suitable for kids.


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