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Movie Review: Ali’s Wedding

The family and I just sat and watched on SBS on Demand a very modern uplifting movie called Ali’s Wedding. This movie is about an Iraqi family that has to flee Iraq because of the war nonsense of Saddam back in the day and then they go to Iran cannot settle there and then the uproot again and leave for Australia and the land of Cricket and Aussie rules footy well the moved to Melbourne and the kids became fans of the Bombers Essendon Football Club.

This movie talks about the hardship of blending into a new country and blending the old culture and religion with the new culture and keeping in the ways of their faith without losing their dignity.

The storyline is based on a true story and as I said above how they left the middle east for the land Downunder.

The movie is for the most part light but had some very important life lessons about family faith religion and love.

The biggest lesson I found in the movie and it was the whole issue that the setup nicely was the pressure of studies and marriage.

In foreign cultures, it is always of great importance that the child does we’ll and either becomes the typical lawyer or Doctor, even though the child may have other aspirations. The other element was the importance of a girls education and this is what I liked about the movie the whole aspect of this true story was flipped on its head as the girl was in a more successful job than the husband. Which it really did not matter as they both had goals and although the parents had their reservations they soon came to realize that nothing is more important than the children’s happiness and well being.

The topics of arranged marriage and the tea ceremony and education and who the boy and girl really wanted to be with was tastefully done without disrespecting any person culture or religious background.

Please add this to your list its a great Aussie flick that you will enjoy. As the movie states at the start, it is “A true story, Unfortunately”

7 to 8/10

All can watch younger kids with the supervision of the adults

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