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“SPOILERS” TV Show Review: Jane The Virgin Season 5 – Final Season

Well, it’s finally time for me to review Jane the Virgin its been a long time since Jane’s cherry was popped and this show was something special.

Jane The Virgin is a show about a young woman in her twenties accidentally gets knocked up without ever having sex.

This comes to a big shock to the entire family of devote Catholics and the story starts there we are entered in the world of the Villanueva household. Jane’s Mum and Grandmother come around her to support her through this life-altering event.

Jane has to fight with her inner demons as her Grandmother tried to keep her virtue intact using the example of a rose and well this comes full circle in the end.

Even though she is pregnant after being accidentally being artificially inseminated by her doctor as mentioned she takes this challenge head-on with the support of the family and still works on becoming a successful writer and waiting to lose her flower with her fiance Michael, which seems to take forever!!!

The show was a romantic comedy based like a telenovela like what the Villanueva women sat and watched religiously more than or as much as going to Church.

It had also a dark edge to it with a villain in the shoe called Sin Rostro (Rose) and she was a lady of many faces and talents.

Sin Rostro Rose was a thorn in everyone’s side she kinda reminded me of Carmen Sandiego she had that international glam and grace about her bout she had a dark side.

I think the darkest the show ever went was when Rose got involved in stealing Janes baby but other than that she was just full of verbal threats and looks those looked your parents give you when you were in trouble.

Now going on to something a little lighter the third wheel that was another of Janes love interests Raphel and no he is not the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle type.he was the owner of the hotel she was working in and she found him like first a fantasy that was unattainable.

The love triangle took time to grow and I like shows that take time to build characters and ark the story in such a way that it gives it more substance and you invest more in it as a viewer and you connect more.

In the later seasons, Jane gets together with Raphel and then the show does one of those twists that she has to choose between Michael and Raphel? Who does Jane choose I guess you have to watch and see what happens I would have preferred it to go another way but I guess the reasons for Jane choosing who she did gave the show more realistic flavour.

Now the main reason why I started to watch this with my wife was well we wanted something more light to watch after Bates Motel and we still have the final season of that to watch still.

My sister introduced the show to us as she mentioned that Justin Baldoni is a Baha’i and this is my faith as well. So this element got me interested but not hooked as the show still had to be good.

The Baha’i faith talks about the oneness of humanity and how we are all one family.

Justin’s role as Raphel is nothing like really how Baha’i’s should act let alone anyone for that matter but it goes to show you how good Justin is at his craft as those moments in the show I kept laughing 🙂

Moving to another hot topic covered on the show was the element of immigration and how important it is to tell that story and show how real this can be part of life.

Immigrants are not coming over to take over to say Australia America or Great Britain etc they are leaving a place they call home due to the drastic life-altering and unsafe environment that their home country has become.

For a lack of a better term, foreigners do not come to enforce their beliefs or cultures onto you just to add flavour to the ever-growing fruit basket we all contribute to.

I think the show did very well in telling us this story and how grateful people will be when given a fair go.

Moving to the next element of the show that was great was the fact that the love story of Janes parents was a major story arc as well. It is great when great writers take the time to invest and write well-made characters as the audience it gives you more to invest in and you are there every step of the way with every smile and every tear.

This was well told as Jane wanted to know who her father was and it helped build her character’s identity and again this was done well as it was not all peaches and cream.

Janes parents took it slow and had the hurdles of any relationship and it made their bond even stronger.

The main element that was throughout the show was the element of family and how the family can be different and diverse in any which way it had its own modern family way of showing that unity. How in the show Petra and Jane became parents and had kids from the same baby daddy and they juggled the parenting gig with Raphel

The kids in the show brought a new generation to the show and you can see how it all connected together. You can see how the cast in the show really enjoyed working together and this really was portrayed on the quality of the show in the end.

The fact that it was only 5 seasons and 100 episodes means to me they did not want to overdo it they wanted to go out on a high and this is what happened happy memories for all.

I highly recommend this show and its good for all not too dark and the dark elements parental guidance is recommended as Rose can be verbal threatening but nothing more in the later seasons.

I give this show 9/9 because of Justin.

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