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Movie Review: 5 Flights Up

The family and I sat and watching this at a second attempt as it was staring Diane Keaton and Morgan Freeman. It is something different a little I like the fact that this showed an interracial couple that had grown together and went through tests and difficulties and has had a full life.

The movie has flashbacks to show how the couple got together and why and how they choose this apartment in New York not sure where about in the city.

The couple is in a time of their life that they are at a crossroad and Diane Keaton’s Niece played by Sex and the City’s Cynthia Nixon as a real-estate agent the couple want to move into somewhere smaller and not so high up.

As they are getting up there in age they want to be closer to the ground floor.

The movie all in all is a good little flick although I think this film should have remained in book format however if you were going to make it into a film Keaton and Morgan would be the two I would want to play my characters.

The only downside to the flick is that you start in the same place you end up.

Ohh and the cast had the redhead chick lawyer from The Good Wife.

Not a bad little flick for the older kids and grown-ups.


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