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Movie Review: Toy Story 4

Its been some time between movie reviews and yesterday the family sat down to watch a movie and with the little one still awake we decided to watch a kid-friendly movie. We decided on Toy Story 4 and well my mum was not into animation but still sat through this instalment and me I wanted to see if the Toy Story series still had the same level of wider and enjoyment that it had all the way back that it had from the start of the series/franchise.

For me, This did have the same level of wonder and newness that the original had. It was the same characters and they all were one cohesive unit and the best part was that it was a fresh new story and it still kept the connection to the original storyline however with a twist and this twist kept the authenticity.

Although we started watching this because my little one was still awake and it kept her attention for a little while before she had enough and went to bed twice through the watching of the movie. When she slept we thought of changing the movie to something more adult attention keeping but we were too far into the movie to change and the movie is only an hour-forty min so before you know it you are into the story and on this wild adventure with the toys.

This movie is about how the toy get moved onto a new family and how the toys go on a carnival adventure. This movie’s storyline occurs over a time span you start at one time and years pass on and toys are no longer there and when they go to this carnival the toys meet up again and the whole concept of lost toys is like the equivalent of saying the word Voldermort 🙂 lol

There are new songs and the old faithful of “You got a friend in me”

This show was a tad too old for my little one so I would say 5 and up.

The points I liked the animation was excellent it even used some effects from Skywalker studio’s The songs were good but I really did not notice the songs much as you are more into the story than the songs I feel keep the kids’ attention.

However, for me the story was A+ and it does have an emotional element as well and I think they did that really well.

I would say add this to your Toy Story collection and a movie that any movie library needs. Fun for all 8/10

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