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Movie Review: Maya The Bee: The Honey Games

Sat down and watched this with the wife and the little one. You can see a trend this weekend that its all been cartoons G rated fun in this household 🙂

Maya The Bee: Th Honey Games as you can see its a play on for a kiddy friendly version of The Hunger Games. Maya The Bee: Honey Games is a story about a Bee Hive being bullied to give half of their Honey Harvest to the capital of the Bee City. Then a little Bee called Maya travelled to the capital city to speak to the empress and ask that it’s not fair to ask for half of their honey harvest.

In doing this Maya gets her little town in deeper hive issue as if they lose they will have to give all their honey harvest.

This cartoon is an independent Aussie cartoon flick that is a good little movie for the kids and it kept even more of my 16-month-old girls’ attention that other cartoons we watch this flick.

There are great principles in this movie about not lying and being there for one and other and the importance of friendship and sticking together.

Now the movie is good however for the adults might find this a tad boring although it goes for 84mins only for me the story was too young for me and I had myself doing time checks on the timer of the movie to see how much more is left. Although my wife was into it and was annoyed when I was checking the timer.

For the adults, I would say its 1 or 0/10.

For kids, I would say its a 6/10 and I would say is 2 to 5 maybe patience is a virtue.

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