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Movie Review: The Queen’s Corgi

The Queen’s Corgi was another kid-friendly cartoon that we again decided to watch as a family as the Lil one was awake again and we had to watch something friendly for all.

The Queen’s Corgi is about a new Corgi that becomes part of the Queens Corgi pet collection and he is the Queen’s top dog.

The top dog Rex is the cutest Lil dog that you see on the show and the story is about how he is innocent and kinda nieve about how all the rest of the Corgis are his friends and one day another Corgi and he wants to travel to another country and the other corgi basically kills him and its all staged as this other Corgi wants to become top dog and leaves rex to drown and die. This is kinda dark in the cartoon and the fact they have a thing called fight club.

Basically Rex is left to drown but gets saved to go to a pound and well I at first scared of what the pound is like in the UK cause you know if the Dog becomes a lifer as the cartoon states in real life they put the dog down.

In this cartoon, this becomes Fight Club of all the different types of Dogs there are and if they have a fight with each other then they get out of their cages and fight each other.

Rex the Corgi ends up picking a fight with the top dog at the pound and well things go crazy and well I am not spoiling anything its a good little cartoon that I would recommend anyone to watch for me its like 101 Dalmations or Aristocats.

The other aspect of the cartoon for the first like 20mins I would say there is no dialogue at all and you are thinking that you are watching a silent cartoon but the speaking does happen eventually and it is really good.

My little one even was paying attention to this cartoon I would say more than Toy Story 4.

The other interesting element of this cartoon is that known of the voice actors were anyone that I know its all-new voiceover people I never heard of.

Which is awesome as the cartoon has its own greatness on its own merits.

This is a cartoon again I would add to my movie collection.

The animation quality is really good and story original and awesome.

There is a cameo of an animated celebrity you will have to watch it to find out who it is.

8/10 fun for all.

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