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STAND UP Taylor Tomlinson: Quarter-Life Crisis

Yesterday while the little one was sleeping I thought I would get in a quick standup special that was fresh and new. I saw the preview of this one on Netflix and YouTube and it was good at first.

Well, the intro was good I like giving these new comics a chance well if she has a Netflix special she would not be that new however I had never heard of her.

Taylor special is all about in her mid 20’s and how life is in your mid-twenties is for her.

The topics covered were about boyfriends losing her virginity sex and life choices.

All in all most of the topics covered is all about sex and as well all know sex does sell.

This is no show for the kiddies its is definitely for the grown-ups and her special is less than an hour so both that much time to invest.

4/10 if you have to kill time then this is not a bad thing to watch.

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